Monday, 4 July 2011

The following papers and workshops were presented on Monday 4 July (listed in alphabetical order by family name).

To download the paper and/or handout please click on the title of the workshop.


Tracey Bancroft, Steve Plimmer (Wales): Play on the Move - Active Play on Wheels. Dynamic, innovative environment encouraging play 

Theresa Casey (Scotland): IPA President - Opening Address

Jan van Gils (Belgium): The evolution of children's play in public space during the last 25 years in Flanders 

Ali Jonzon (Canada): Daughters of mothers with multiple sclerosis: their experience of play

Pete King (Wales): Maximising children's choice during play in relation to structual, functional, social and emotional affordances?

Isami Kinoshita (Japan): Towards a neighbourhood paradise rather than stranger danger

Theresa Lu (Singapore): Bridging the Gap: Enhancing outdoor play environments for young children in Singapore

Soren Dahl Mortensen (Denmark): The Harry Potter Festival - organised play in urban space

Maria de Lourdes Sandoval Martinon (Mexico): Spaces for children's play in Mexico City (scheduled for Monday - due to unforeseen circumstances took place on Thursday 7 July)

Keith Towler (Wales): UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - Wales

Dirk E. J. Vermeulen (Netherlands): Children's use of play space: boys and girls

Jan White, Helen Woolley (England): Landscapes for early childhood: investigating the characteristics of good outdoor environmnts for young children and references

Rob Wheway (England): Most Play Strategies are Wrong - lessons from Cardiff

Kathy Wong (Hong Kong): International Playbus Work - Hong Kong Case


Note to presenters: please email your presentations and/or handouts if you wish for them to be available to download on this website.