Biography - Sudeshna Chatterjee


Sudeshna Chatterjee is a Delhi-based practicing architect and urban designer and a pioneer in the field of design and planning of children’s environments and facilities in India. She is also consulted internationally for formulation of policies on child friendly cities, for assessing impacts of urban interventions and strategies on children, and for addressing the interests and needs of children in planning and design of cities. Sudeshna has a PhD in Design from North Carolina State University in USA focusing on the design and planning of children’s environments.

Sudeshna is a partner in the firm of Kaimal Chatterjee & Associates (New Delhi), which practices architecture, urban design and contributes to design research. Sudeshna has been involved in the design of several schools with both NGO and corporate clients. These schools have evolved as very special child friendly places with great feedback from clients and users. Sudeshna had the opportunity to extend the notion of child friendly places which she developed as a concept in her PhD dissertation in her most celebrated work—the urban design for the new capital city of Chhattisgarh, Naya Raipur which has been envisaged as a green, equitable city where the urban realm, in addition to negotiating the issues of identity and power associated with a capital city, responds to the everyday needs of all citizens, and particularly needs of women, children, and people with different abilities. 

Sudeshna is a research affiliate of the Children, Youth and Environments Center for Research and Design at the University of Colorado in Boulder, USA, and the News Archive Editor of the international, peer-reviewed journal Children, Youth and Environments.  Being a firm believer in the cyclic relationship between research, practice and teaching to strengthen each domain, Sudeshna serves as a visiting faculty in the graduate departments of Urban Design and Urban Planning in the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Sudeshna is frequently invited to speak at conferences around the world and has several peer-reviewed publications to her credit. She also contributes op-ed pieces in leading newspapers in India and is sought as an expert panelist on urban planning and development by top TV English news channels.


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