Thursday, 7 July 2011

The following papers and workshops were presented on Tuesday 5 July (listed in alphabetical order by family name).

To download the paper and/or handout please click on the title of the workshop.


Brian Ashley (Sweden): Theory and practice for a comprehensive system of play and leisure in a community and presentation

Lesley Crawford, Katrina Brodin (Scotland): Bringing books alive through play (Battle of the books)

Eva Kane (Sweden): Pedagogue or ludagogue? Play in school age childcare workers practice in England and Scotland

Lothar Krappmann: Monitoring Artice 31 CRC on the child's right to play by the Committee on the Rights of the Child

Kerry Logan (Australia): Connecting to country: Outside play provision in remote Western Australia communities

Lois Woodward (Wales): Down to Earth Project: sustainable outdoor classrooms and their influence on children's play and learning

Maria de Lourdes Sandoval Martinon (Mexico): Spaces for children's play in Mexico City (scheduled for Monday - due to unforeseen circumstances took place on Thursday 7 July)


Note to presenters: please email your presentations and/or handouts if you wish for them to be available to download on this website.