Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The following papers and workshops were presented on Tuesday 5 July (listed in alphabetical order by family name).

To download the paper and/or handout please click on the title of the workshop.


Mira Tetkowski Berkley (USA), Valerie Huggins (England): Preparing early years teachers to understand their role in promoting play: American and English challenges

Vicki Burns, Susan McIntyre (Scotland): 'It's what makes children fun': Hearing Scottish children's views on their right to play

Catherine Couturier (Sweden): Teaching with play or with a playful perspective

Diane Crone, Leonie Labistour (England): The role of play for holistic health (in the conference programme and book the workshop is titled Play, health and wellbeing: evidence and implications for practice)

Patrizio De Rossi (Italy/England): Building a Repertoire: exploring the role of active play in encouraging physical literacy in children

Janice Dunphy (England), Tracey Bancroft (Wales): Investigating the benefits of partnerships with PPA accredited indoor play centre operators in promoting play opportunities

David Eager, Helen Little (Australia): The risk paradox in play

Perry Else (England): Everybody In: A presentation on the application of New Games in a school setting and workshop handout

Marilena Flores Martins, Renata Mendes (Brasil): 'Solar dos Querubins' - the house of childhood culture 

Esther Hierro (Spain): School playgrounds: educational children's spaces

Pamela Kola (Kenya): IPA Global Consultation on Children's Right to Play - an international symposium 

Stuart Lester (England): Moments of nonsense and signs of hope: the everyday 'political' nature of children's play

Karen McInnes (Wales): Indicators of children's wellbeing in activities defined by children as play or not play 

Anna Mitrega (Poland): Childhood - between duties and play

Wendy Russell (England): Pyramid playwork: four triangular analyses of playwork as production of space where children can play

Lois Woodward (Wales): Exploring the value of exploration, play and adventure as an integral part of therapeutic journeys outdoors


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